Day & Night Ring

This ring was inspired by a poem I wrote years ago - a reflection on darkness and light.

Sand Dollar Dove Necklace

This necklace was one of the first pieces I ever designed. 

Birthstone Bracelet

A mom used birthstones to honor each member of her family. Now she carries them with her everywhere she goes.

A Grandmother's Earrings Repurposed

A grandmother left a pair of stunning vintage earrings to her daughter. Check out how her granddaughters multiplied them into new pieces.

Custom Story: Climb Every Mountain

A mountain scene for a mountain trail runner.


I spend so much time taking care of my face, while slowly and quietly my hands tell it all.

Customer Spotlight: Half Daisy Earrings

My pilates instructor bought the half daisy earrings as an ode to her grandmother.

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