A Grandmother's Earrings Repurposed

Family heirlooms always tell a story. I designed these custom pieces for a sweet family whose grandmother left a pair of earrings for her daughter. The daughter later decided to split the pair for her own two daughters. Last Christmas, the mother gave her daughters the gift of designing their own pieces with their grandmother's colorful stones. One granddaughter chose to make them into a ring. The other one chose to recreate a pair of earrings.

The way I designed each piece was a tip of the hat to the original pair of earrings - a similar look and feel to honor their grandmother. The stones are diamonds, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, and blue sapphires. On each piece, I engraved the family history of who passed the piece down to whom.

Want to repurpose some of your own family jewelry? Email me at cannon@cannonlewis.com for custom requests! 

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