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Cannon Lewis Jewelry represents a refined bohemian aesthetic that is at once luxurious and irreverent. Introspective and whimsical. Sophisticated and playful. Materials include some of the world's most precious stones and metals, but the jewelry never takes itself too seriously. Inspired by organic lines found in nature, there is a timeless, lyrical soulfulness captured in every piece.


I TELL STORIES WITH STONES. I've always had a passion for texture, colors and the slightly avante-garde.  Some of my earliest memories are rummaging through my mother and grandmother's jewelry boxes, absorbing all the colors, details, engravings, and stories behind each tiny piece. A metal class at summer camp in the 8th grade sparked a curiosity for jewelry design and fabrication. I continued to dabble with jewelry design alongside my studio art interests through high school where I began designing pieces for friends. I'd talk to anyone who would meet with me in the industry and I studied all I could find on wax carving, jewelry design, jewelry fabrication, antique jewelry and fine stones.


The jewelry collection began with a simple silver leaf tag that over 20 years later can still be found on the back of each necklace. This winding path of design led me into my first retail accounts while I was still in college. The retail season lasted for around ten years, with a line of jewelry consisting of one of a kind gold covered opals with poetry I had written engraved on the back of the pieces or tucked away from plain sight. I still continue to design a small collection each season - you will notice my love for plants, seeds, and all the details found in nature mixed with words engraved here and there. I've always found the most clarity of thought when I am outside observing the life cycles of birth, change, death, and renewal each season brings.


The custom jewelry design was something I never pursued but it seemed to find me ... I'd design a few custom pieces here and there but over the years the requests increased and I found that I love creating these one of a kind pieces - they stretch and challenge me as an artist. I treasure learning the stories that jewelry tells: stories of new beginnings with engagements, weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a child, a special gift or celebration. Other stories are ones of rebirth - reworking old family pieces or using family stones to pass those memories down another generation or to assign new meaning to pasts that need another direction.  Jewelry captures a moment and leaves a long memory in its roots.


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